Mid Day Meal Scheme / Programme Annual Report Making using Software

Ministry of HRD, Govt of India discovered that, schools run by Govt. in rural areas as well as urban areas are having less representation of students.
Less attendance could be due to various factors at different geographical areas. One thing was common that the parents of such students were having weaker economy and they wanted their children to be bread earners in their early childhood and did not send their children to school.
Mid day meal scheme was launched to provide nutritious to the children of economically weaker section parents at school.
This scheme eases out the pressure on the pocket of parents and children concentrate on their studies.
Mid Day Meal scheme is provided through NGO or schools are given money to cook food and serve fresh to the children.

All the assigned Headmasters / In charge of such schools track the entire financial transactions and at the end of every month come up with Prapatra K which is submitted in Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Office
At the end of year they are also required to get their account audited and submitted to Samagra Shiksha Office in the form of Cash Book.

Making different types of Mid Day Meal report is time consuming for the Teachers. Therefore, some teachers make excel sheet to calculate and make report.
There are some limitations with Ms Excel. Actually you are required to cut and paste the values from your last report and at times by mistake your last entries are not cleaned up properly and remain on the new report causing big embarrassment when your BRP catches you with wrong entry on your report.
Mid Day Meal Director of Benevolent Software Technologies Private Limited has developed a solution for all the typical reporting needs and it has been on site https://emdm.in
Thousands of teachers are making their report using this online software.

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